About Me

Hi there, I’m ‘Lamide and I hate my name. Why? It’s way too common. So Araitah then, because I feel like an outsider very often. No matter how you mispronounce it, it ends up sounding like ‘A writer’ in whatever accent under God’s green earth. So it’s a double meaning word that serves its purpose quite well; my identity and what I do.

I like to think I’m a plain Jane. Not derogatory plain Jane (maybe derogatory plain Jane), but plain Jane as in a plain Jane watch – high end (ish) without all the bling. I read a lot and know far too many words for my own good. So I guess you can say I’m highly miseducated. I’m a pessimistic romantic, love is beautiful but it is a full time job. I still want it anyway.

My dream life is to be able to afford whatever food I crave, with mini mes. Oh, and to take late evening walks around a peaceful area holding someone’s hand while never doing household chores again. Pretty plain. However I would never have peace of mind until I show God’s love to people who have it worse than me by helping out with my tiny grains of sand, whatever they are.

With all these vowels and consonants, I think I’ve been able to establish that I might very well be one of the most uninteresting people ever. Except that I be werey wey disguise and I have a pretty passable sense of humor.

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